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Just Say “DNA”!

Earlier this year, the state of Florida passed a law with the stated intent of prohibiting “classroom discussion about sexual orientation or gender identity” in grades K-3. It was promptly and vociferously attacked as a “Don’t Say Gay” law.

Children in grades K-3 are basically age 5 to age 8; in other words, generally pre-puberty.  Lessons in “sexual orientation or gender identity” before lessons in human biology or reproduction are premature, to say the least. But that is the point for the transgender activist movement: to introduce children to the concept of “gender fluidity” before they have any science-based understanding of sexuality. Intentional confusion is the feature, not the bug.

(I am reminded of the instances I know of where ideologically-driven public school history teachers introduced the Second World War to their students with an opening lesson on the Japanese-American internment camps – BEFORE any lesson mentioning Pearl Harbor.)  

So a FL law to ensure that curriculum is age-appropriate got re-branded as a law to silence discussion of gay rights. 

Let’s look at some other laws (or more often regulations imposed by agencies without any involvement by elected legislators.)  Consider the Biden Administration’s new Title IX regs that forbid schools to require that students use bathrooms and sports facilities (teams, locker rooms, showers) appropriate to their actual biological sex. Violations will result in significant fines. 

Could this be construed as a “silencing” law?  It effectively prohibits any consideration of the genetic science of sexual reproduction, sex determination at the cellular level, and biological development of male and female bodies.   Can a more “anti-science” law be imagined?

Like the “cancel culture” sweeping our media and public expression, it seeks to silence, punish, and blacklist anyone who rejects the (very recent and totally unscientific) notion that one’s sex/gender is/are whatever one wants them to be, instead of which X and/or Y chromosomes are present in the genetic makeup of one’s 30 trillion cells.

In other words, schools are being told: “Don’t Say DNA!

We are seeing the results of this anti-science movement in a plague of cruel victimization.  Mentally-troubled young men dominate women’s sports.  Dangerous male felons are put in women’s prisons at their own insistence. Pre-school age children are presented with flamboyant “Drag-Queen” role models in public libraries. “Misgendering” is invented as the crime of referring to a person by their scientifically-accurate sex.  Young children are subjected to chemical castration (through maybe-reversible puberty-blocking drugs) and even surgical mutilation because their immature imaginations seem to want it, and their parents (for whatever inconceivable reasons) approve it.

And we are all required to pretend that the mentally-disordered men are women, and that men can get pregnant, and that tampon machines belong in boys’ bathrooms. And young girls are forced to pretend that boys in their locker rooms, showers and bathrooms do not make them uncomfortable.

It was often observed by former victims of communism that the worst part of that repressive tyranny was the demand that one must pretend to be free and happy, and to welcome the regime’s heavy hand.

What can we do? First of all, we could refuse to be silenced. We could talk openly about the science of DNA in sex determination. We could refuse to say “her” when we mean “him”. We could refuse the absurdly ungrammatical and intentionally-confusing demand to refer to singular individuals as “they/them”. Or we could use quotation marks when referring to a man who wants to be a woman. (Lia Thomas won “her” latest race. Doctor/Admiral Rachel Levine, speaking from “her” office…)

Such resistance would have a cost, in many cases resulting in blacklisting, cancellation, job loss, and social exclusion. Galileo once paid such a cost for defending science. (There is no record of the price paid by the little boy who called out the “Emperor’s New Clothes” as invisible fakes. Saner times, I suppose.)

Some would call this resistance needlessly cruel, hurtful, and hateful. But the real cruelty resulting from the transgender madness is on an unimaginable scale, and the mutilated victims are only beginning to be heard from.

So just say “DNA”!

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