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To My Chinese Friends

I have noticed recently that a number of the visitors to my site/website/weblog/blog are surfing from China. The Peoples’ Republic of China.  Wow!

When I say “a number”, I must admit it is a small number (as is the total number of my visitors, alas).

But I would really like to know what draws a web surfer in a repressive one-party state to a lone voice such as myself.  Drop me a comment, if you feel free to.

Of course, it might be the case that I am being monitored by the CCP watchdogs of the PRC. If so, I am honored and humbled.

I should admit that this attention, from whatever source, may be spillover from the blog of my very Catholic friend Mr. Ben Finiti (  He has often written about the current Pope’s betrayal of the Chinese people, and the courageous defense of embattled Cardinal Zen.

Whatever it is and whoever you are, please drop me a line.


Update on Me

Sorry I haven’t been writing much lately.  I keep getting distracted.  The guy next door got wind chimes.  (Credit Stephen Wright for that joke.)

At any rate, my friend Ben Finiti has re-surfaced, and seems to be on a roll.  His latest, My Sin of Snobbery, just went up.  It’s about what he calls his “first-world problems at church.”

I can confirm that he is indeed a snob, though mostly in good ways.

Anyway, check him out over at

Herr Nietzsche and Mr. Finiti

My philosophical friend Ben Finiti has some interesting thoughts on the corruption of science by power. In “It Starts an Ends with Nietzsche“, he blames the famous German philosopher/nutcase for unleashing and legitimizing the pursuit of power over truth and morality.  Like Danton’s head, it is worth a look.

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