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Ben Finiti Thinks Small (?)

I see my friend Mr. Ben Finiti has a couple of new posts up on his site (

One is called “Three Small Thoughts with no Connection,” and he’s right about their unconnectedness.  One is a humorous quote from Don Quixote.  Another is a reflection on the modern world’s loss of an sense of sin (in ourselves, that is: we have no trouble finding it in others). 

The third is a historical exercise in comparative religion. He asks “what’s new” in Judeo-Christian religion.  He is confronting the widespread modern belief that all religions are basically the same.  But he argues that only the Bible (Moses and Jesus, for short) value humility over pride, the poor over the rich, and the weak over the poor.  (Not really such a ‘small thought’, Ben.)

I don’t know if he is right about this. He correctly cites Greek-Roman paganism. But he doesn’t mention Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, or Zoroastrianism.  And I don’t know enough about them to argue either way.

Anyway, it is an interesting read, and I recommend it.

He also posts another rant against the present pope, entitled “Grow up, Francis!”  He certainly makes a good point (and a new one, for me).  “His (PF”s) modernism reeks of stale 1960’s clichés and poses, like ‘Make a Mess’ and ‘Shake off the past!'”  He (Ben) concludes that “He (PF) and the Church and the West are all getting too old for such cheap teenage rebellion.”

Worth a read.


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