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Finiti on Murray on Kimball on Modern Art

My friend Mr. Ben Finiti (at has a new/old post, drawing inspiration from Roger Kimball at New Criterion/ PJ Media and Jay Nordlinger at National Review Online’s blog The Corner.

Here is the beginning:

Roger Kimball, Modern Art, and Flabby Elites”

“Roger Kimball of New Criterion has an excellent essay up at PJ Media, entitled “Annals of the art world: everything old is new again“.  He portrays the sad emptiness, the hollow pretensions, the “mere flabbiness” of modern “transgressive art.”

It reminded me of something I wrote a while back, in 2011, about something else written even further back,by classicist Gilbert Murray in 1940 (that’s how these things go, some time).   Murray pithily sums up the art world, and much the rest of culture, from around 1900 or so.

“First come inspiration and the exaltation of breaking false barriers: at the end comes the mere flabbiness of having no barriers left to break and no talent except for breaking them.”

“No barriers and no talent”: priceless.   Read the rest of it here.


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