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To My Chinese Friends

I have noticed recently that a number of the visitors to my site/website/weblog/blog are surfing from China. The Peoples’ Republic of China.  Wow!

When I say “a number”, I must admit it is a small number (as is the total number of my visitors, alas).

But I would really like to know what draws a web surfer in a repressive one-party state to a lone voice such as myself.  Drop me a comment, if you feel free to.

Of course, it might be the case that I am being monitored by the CCP watchdogs of the PRC. If so, I am honored and humbled.

I should admit that this attention, from whatever source, may be spillover from the blog of my very Catholic friend Mr. Ben Finiti (  He has often written about the current Pope’s betrayal of the Chinese people, and the courageous defense of embattled Cardinal Zen.

Whatever it is and whoever you are, please drop me a line.


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