Why Would We Abandon Israel?

Our Montana correspondent David Smith continues to fight the good fight in the Great White North.  Countering the latest anti-Israel screed in the Helena Independent Record (how we shall miss these glorious names when the last newspapers are herded together in a national park somewhere, straggling survivors of a great era rubbing shoulders with the bison!)

Anyway, Smith makes a simple and overwhelming case against the calls to “Boycott, Divest, Sanction” and generally screw Israel.  Here it is.


Once again, the pages of the IR are disgraced by a flood of hatred against Israel. Once again the true and obvious facts of the situation are ignored, distorted or denied by those who seek to leave the embattled Jewish state as defenseless as possible. Why? Why?

Why the endless condemnation of free, democratic Israel, fighting for its life against a relentless terrorist war?

Why the crocodile tears for the Palestinians, who are in fact the victims of their own leaders’ obstinate refusal to accept peace when it is offered?

Consider the contrasts:

Israel is a steadfast, reliable ally of the United States. Palestinians danced in the streets when we were attacked on 9/11. Why would we spurn our only trusted friend in this unstable region?

Israel has regular elections and changes of government — as is the democratic way. The Palestinians have had only the fascist farce of a single election, resulting in a “leader for life.” Why would we abandon democracy to curry favor with the “leaders” of a one-party state?

Jews have fled Israel’s Arab neighbors, and Christians continue to flee. Apologists may talk of “multiculturalism,” but Israel remains the only state in the region with a growing Christian population — because there alone they are safe, free to worship — under the protection of the Israeli Army. Why would we turn against the only state in the region which respects religious freedom?

Israel seeks peace, while Palestinian “leaders” reject all offers. From 1947’s U.N. Partition to 2000’s Camp David Clinton Protocols, Israel has accepted peace proposals while Palestinians have said “No!” Why would we take the side of the consistent enemies of peace?

The Palestinians (their “leaders,” anyway) have made clear what they want from Israel. They want the Jews out. Until that happens, they want endless war.

Dennis Ross, Bill Clinton’s chief negotiator at the 2000 Camp David talks, summed it up this way after the U.S. proposal was rejected by the Palestinians. “We had one critical clause in this agreement, and that clause was, this is the end of the conflict.” That alone doomed the talks.

The suffering of the Palestinian people is imposed upon them by their own hate-filled, corrupt, bloodthirsty, terrorist “leaders.”

Withdrawing U.S. support and weakening Israel will not improve the situation. It could only encourage those who seek a second Holocaust.


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