Victor Davis Hanson and Western Cultural Suicide

Victor Davis Hanson is a remarkable writer and analyst of our present predicament.   From his reality-based vantage point as a California farmer, and his clear-eyed understanding of history (he is a college professor but you’d never know it), he offers an unflinching view of our collapse. A regular contributor to National Review, his books on the Peloponnesian War (A War Like No Other) and other military history (I especially recommend Carnage and Culture: Landmark Battles in the Rise of Western Power) are well written and insightful. So is his modern commentary, though it is disturbing stuff.

His latest post at National Review Online is entitled “Western Cultural Suicide”, and it is worth a look.

It is an extended soliloquy on the “Why’s” of multicultural America’s appeal to America-haters, both foreign and domestic.  In the wake of the Boson bombing and so many other atrocities, the “Why’s need to be faced.

The thought that such a wonderful culture is destroying itself so self-indulgently is saddening beyond comprehension.  My friend Ben Finiti writes that history offers no realistic basis for hope, that only faith can dispel the apparent certainty of our doom.  Without faith, courage alone (or endless distraction) can keep us going. Some choice we have: face reality or watch reality TV.

At any rate, Hanson is one of the writers you should follow if…you can.


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