The AP conceals Mideast truth…again

Once again, an Associated Press story smearing Israel conceals more facts than it reveals.

In this week’s “Israel Prevents Palestinians From Free Movement”, an AP “reporter” describes the sufferings of the Palestinians while concealing the true authors of their plight.

A West Bank Palestinian loses his job in Israel, and (says the AP) the result is a drive for UN recognition of the Palestinian/Hamas regime. For years, he earned a good living working as a laborer in Israel. But then…

“After peace proposals were rejected in 2000, a violent Palestinian uprising against Israel’s occupation flared, and his job quickly

The reporter’s careful use of the passive voice conceals the actual agents of the change.

Who rejected the peace proposals mediated by Bill Clinton in 2000? The Palestinian leadership.

Who accepted them? Israel.

And who ordered and directed the “flaring” of the violent Palestinian uprising against Israel? The same Palestinian leadership.

If the Palestinian people truly wish to end their suffering, they should demand new leaders who are actually willing to embrace peace, instead of the present gang who refuse to accept anything but full surrender from Israel and whose real goal is a Mideast free of Jews.

The UN won’t help: it has a long history of abetting and enabling the murderous thugs who have gotten their people into this fix.  The UN seems to exist only to condemn Israel; 21 out of the 27 General Assembly resolutions condemn Israel — the one true democracy in the Middle East.

And the AP doesn’t help matters by trying to distract readers from the real issue.


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