You Gotta See This

Are you familiar with the Pajamas Media website? If not, you should take a look.  Their coverage of a wide range of issues is  often provocative but (and?) always interesting and fact-based.

An outstanding post specific to the Israel-Palestinian issue is currently running there.  “Darkness In Palestine”, is a poignant and troubling on-the-ground look at the West Bank town of Hebron.  The author, Michael J. Totten, describes the reality of the Jewish settlers’ life in some of the most hostile areas outside the “pre-1967 borders” that our president is so insistent on.  He reveals the history of Arab anti-Semitism and “ethnic cleansing” (i.e., genocide) which have produced the nearly “Jew-free” areas in the West Bank.  He exposes the real meaning of opposition to the settlements; the Jewish settlements are hated because Jews are hated.

Andrew Klavan, who recently left PJ Media to start his own site, is generally a cultural critic more than a geopolitical one.  But he has produced a light-hearted (?) look at the Mideast Roadmap to Peace, entitled “The One-State Solution”.  Mixing sharp humor with great clarity, he highlights the realities that it would take a 10-page in-depth NY Times analysis to respond to, and Klavan would still win the argument.

(Of course, as my friend Mr. Ben Finiti says, if arguments really decided anything, there would have been no atheists since St. Thomas Aquinas’ time.)

Anyway, take a look.

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