Dear Wikipedia: About those Democrats…

The Democratic Party is… the oldest political party in continuous operation in the United States and it is one of the oldest parties in the world.

“The Democratic Party traces its origins to the Democratic-Republican Party, founded by Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and other influential opponents of the Federalists in 1792.”




Dear Wikipedia:


The above-quoted information is incorrect.  You have apparently confused the currently-existing Democratic Party with its predecessor, the Democratic Party of Jefferson, Jackson, Wilson, FDR, Truman, Kennedy, and LBJ.  That party was driven out of existence by the new Democratic Party founded by George McGovern in 1972.


For clarification, one might refer to the current party as the Democratic Party-Provisionals, to distinguish it from the earlier Democratic Party-Officials.  But it is probably simpler to refer to them as Old Democrats and New Democrats.


The New Democratic Party was created in the wake of the wreckage of the old party caused by the “Great Cultural Revolution” of the 1960’s, culminating in the fiasco of the 1968 election when the Old Democrats’ convention was attacked by a mob of New Democrats, causing the Old D’s to lose a close election.


The New D’s immediately reversed direction from its predecessor on at least two of the major areas of policy.


First, the Vietnam War’s length, death toll, and mismanagement led the New D’s to abandon the previous Democrat-developed but bi-partisan foreign policy of the Cold War against Communism.  The McGovernites declared a separate peace with Communism, leaving the Republican Party to continue the Cold War as a partisan effort until total victory was won in 1989. The New Democrats carried their policy forward into the current struggle against Islamist Jihadi terrorism, opposing anti-Jihadism as it had previously opposed anti-communism.  This has even led to the new party’s near-total abandonment of the America’s closest democratic ally, Israel.


The second new direction taken by the New-D’s was in the area of the emerging counterculture.  The new party took sides in almost all cases with those attacking traditional American or Western values.


As a result, the new party has embraced or flirted with a range of then-extremist policies.  These included:


1) the normalization of homosexuality, followed by the “de-privileging” of heterosexuality, and culminating (so far) in the legalization of same-sex marriage and adoption;


2)  the creation of group identity and rights for oppressed minorities, rights that trumped individual rights in almost all cases and actually resulted in strict racial quotas;


3)  the decriminalization of all “private” behavior, including pornography and drug abuse;


and 4), the elimination of reference to religion in public discourse.


These policies are in every case either directly counter to those of the old Democratic Party, or at least grotesque distortions.


So, as you can see, your entry needs to be changed.  It should read as follows:


The Democratic Party was created in 1972 by George McGovern and other opponents of the existing parties.  It was made up of left-wing members of the Old Democratic Party who felt that its principles were out of date.  It has enjoyed considerable success in its brief existence, electing three presidents: Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama.”  


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