Chamberlain, meet Wendy Sherman

As soon as the deal with Iran was announced, many folks asked this question:  How is this deal different from the 1994 deal with North Korea, a spectacular failure?

It certainly looked a lot like the deal Bill Clinton bargained in 1994, in which the US gave the Kim dictatorship millions in aid while the North Korean nuclear weapons program moved steadily ahead.

It now appears that the deals may be similar for the simplest of reasons.  They both had the same architect.

Meet Wendy Sherman, diplomatic bright light of the current and most recent Democratic administrations.  She was the key adviser in the 1994 deal, and since that was such a success in preventing a nuclear North Korea*, “the smartest guy in the room” figured she was just the kind of talent to help brain-truster John Kerry stop the Iranians from going nuclear.  Jonathan Tobin has the story over at Commentary.

What must the Iranians have thought when they learned she was the top US adviser?  Did they pinch themselves to make sure they weren’t dreaming?  No wonder they think Allah is on their side.

It is as if Neville Chamberlain were called out of retirement (resurrected, actually) to negotiate with Stalin, based on his excellent experience at Munich!  But he only got to sell out world peace once; Ms. Sherman now has a two-fer.

No more can be said about the naivete, stupidity, timidity, and arrogance of the Obama foreign policy.

Can you BELIEVE this?    Leave a Comment.


* I apologize for the sarcastic tone of this paragraph.  I am trying to stop, but sometimes it is soooo hard.

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