Last Chance to Stop Hagel

It looks like President Obama’s nomination of Chuck Hagel as Defense Secretary is unstoppable, despite Hagel.  But we must try.

After one of the lamest congressional hearing performances in memory, Hagel is still standing.  There are still plenty of senators claiming that Obama has the right to any lame-brain isolationist anti-Semite he wants for his cabinet.

(And Obama has, especially in his “more flexible” second term, packed the cabinet with pretty mediocre minds.  This is one way  to be “the smartest guy in the room.”)

Heroic, good-hearted, but easily confused Senator McCain says he will oppose Hagel, but not filibuster him.  At the hearing, McCain used his time to re-fight the Iraq War.  (In the 2008 primaries, conservative Ann Coulter wrote she would even vote for Hillary Clinton over John McCain.  Too bad we never had the chance.)

For years Hagel was the Senate’s most consistent foe of our friends (Israel) and friend of our foes (Iran, Hamas, and Hezbollah).  At the hearing, he also proved that he ranks at the bottom of the US Senate IQ Scale (not a very high standard at that – see McCain above).

Despite the bleak outlook, the Senators must be reminded that they have a job to do, and that at least some Americans still care.

Please, CALL OR EMAIL YOUR SENATORS TODAY!  Urge them to vote NO, and to filibuster if necessary.   If they have already voiced support for Hagel, beg them to re-consider, for the sake of our country and the world.

An easy connection to use is at


UPDATE:  Never mind.

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