So who says Hagel is anti-Israel?

So who says Hagel is anti-Israel?  The regime in Iran, that’s who.

On the Iranian government-run channel Press TV, the headline (from last week) was:

Obama to name anti-Israeli Hagel as Defense Secretary

“All signs indicate that US President Barack Obama is poised to nominate anti-Israel ex-Senator Chuck Hagel as the next defense secretary soon, informed sources say…

“Hagel’s nomination is expected to spark a row in the Senate. Many pro-Israeli groups and neo-conservatives have spouted diatribe against Hagel over his criticism of Washington’s anti-Iran policies and Israel’s sway over the US political arena.  “

I suppose Iran may be counted upon to recognize a fellow anti-Semite when they see one.


Please contact your senators today!  It is easy to email them a brief “Reject Hagel” message by clicking on and clicking on “Find Your Senators” in the upper right corner.  If your senator is a Democrat and you voted for Obama, tell them this really is not the kind of foreign policy you hoped to see.

And let me know what kind of response you get by clicking on the “Leave a comment” button above.

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