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One Sermon, One Sunday; Sen. Obama in Church


As I ponder Barack Obama sitting in church listening to his pastor’s hate-filled sermons, I cannot help but think of my mother.  I imagine her sitting in the next pew.  I know what she would have done.   Continue reading ‘One Sermon, One Sunday; Sen. Obama in Church’

I’m Afraid Obama Isn’t Scary Enough

Halloween looms and I am scared.  Not of the trick-or-treaters, but of the very real monsters lurking in the world.


And of Obama.  I am afraid that he isn’t scary enough.  To the right people.


It’s all about America’s place in the world.  Paradoxically, many consider this Obama’s strong suit.  The rock-star reaction to his world tour suggests that the world loves him.  And we like that.  We want our country and our leaders to be loved. Continue reading ‘I’m Afraid Obama Isn’t Scary Enough’

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